Review: Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE

Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE Review

Plain sandwich or grilled sandwich? Grilling makes food luring. The golden-brown texture and that warm feeling when the grilled food is in the mouth – who doesn’t love it? If you are looking to organize that next BBQ party this summer in your backyard, that one important thing you just cannot miss out on is a good grill.

We really cannot underscore the importance here. Just about any grill won’t work – you need to invest in a premium grill and for a very good reason. It helps cook the food faster and better – just the way you want it.

Interestingly, grilled also rhymes with thrilled, which is no coincidence.

So, what is a grilled food?

The food is placed on a wire grid along with a heat source which is usually below the grid. The dry heat is transferred to the food by means of thermal radiation. (The Barbeque kind of feeling) An alternative to grilling is broiling which is much like barbeque.

And if you are looking to outdoor camping kitchen, one of the options to go for is the Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE, which is ideal for all your outdoor trips.

coleman-road-trip-propane-portable-grill-lxeProduct description:

Coleman is synonymous with grills that have the best of portability and cooking features. That is why, when we are talking about the Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE, you know that we are talking about a grill that will be the perfect accompaniment for picnics and long road trips. This versatile grill is reasonably priced and packs in a surprising number of features, making it one of the popular grills among the consumers.

From its looks to cooking capabilities and portability, Coleman has taken care of everything.


  • Comes with PerfectFlow Pressure Control System technology for even hear even in cold weather conditions.
  • Is foldable with large wheels for easy transportation.
  • Has a caste iron grill grate and a griddle plate for making two different dishes simultaneously.
  • A metal grease trap for hassle-free cooking and can be easily cleaned.
  • Made of steel with highly heat-resistant painted surfaces that won’t flake easily.


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Why it’s so popular?

First of all, this grill is a big one, about 285 square inches which give you more than enough space for making a meal for a family of four and a few other guests. Along with that, the clever construction of the stand makes it an extendable handle and with the wheels, carrying it along with you is a cakewalk.

Whether you’re making eggs and coffee or want to have bacon and pancakes, the grill grate and griddle plate allow you to make things at the same time, without the grease of one spoiling the taste of the other.

And this amazing grill is extremely reasonably priced. So when you consider the price along with the features, this one is a complete steal and come with many colors also.

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Keep in mind:

  1. The capacity of the propane bottles:

This grill is suitable for 16.4 ounces of disposable liquid propane bottles. If you are working with both the burners on the highest mode, you can cook for 1.1 hours and the cooking time will be get extended to 4.5 hours if the burners are on the lowest mode.


  1. Warranty services:

It does come with a 5-year limited warranty for possible manufacturing defect, but remember to keep the receipt with you. Moreover, the warranty services will be provided only at their discretion.


  1. Learning curve:

Since this grill works at very high temperature, be prepared to burn your meat the first few times. If you’re looking forward to making hamburgers and steaks, it can happen within the blink of an eye, but for lighter dishes, you will have to cook on a lower mode to avoid burning your food.

  1. Cleaning it:

Apart from the grill plates and the grease trap, you need to clean the rest of the grill. It should be easy, but since the food that falls off can get cooked in the interiors, cleaning them can be a menace. So remember to place tin foil over the bottom so that you can avoid this hassle.


  1. Maintenance:

It is advisable to store the grill indoors since it can rust easily as it is made of steel.