Ozark Trail Tent Review: Shower/Changing Room, Is It Good?

Camping outdoors in the wild or the mountains should not mean compromising on your privacy. You will not find a proper loo or even a closed enclosure to change your clothing with all the people around. And then there is the problem of not being able to shower for days at a time for lack of a facility.

Today, we present you the best and most convenient accessory for your camping trips or anywhere you need to change or take a shower in privacy.

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OZARK TRAIL Tent For Shower/Toilet/Changing Room

The Ozark Trail two rooms 7 feet by 3.5 feet Instant shower/changing shelter is one of the best products in the market today. Being big and having enough room, the Ozark Trail makes sure that we are comfortable during those outdoor trips to enjoy freedom. Being 7 feet tall, it can be quite spacious and comfortable for big people too. Most important of all, the Ozark Trail comes at a very economical rate that will not burn a hole in your pocket.


With state of the art pre-attached instant frame design ( the poles are attached to the tent ), setting up the trail is just a matter of a few seconds making it one of the fastest and easiest trail to set up. A solar shower with a capacity of 5 gallons is a part of the package and heats up the water very quickly under the Sun. The shower bag can also be replaced with other shower bags which are way bigger than the one provided. The shower also includes a separate changing/utility room to make sure that your clothes don’t get soaked while you enjoy the sure. This feature allows you to keep your clothes dry and secure.

ozark trail tent instant 2 room shower changing shelter outdoor
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Simple and Really Sturdy

The lip on the door is springy enough to make sure that rolling an object or moving a heavy object into the trail would not be a tough task. The inner door is provided with durable zippers, which are of good quality. The Ozark Trail is also made completely waterproof so as to make sure that even if it rains down heavily, water will not seep in, not even through the seam of the tent. The tent also comes with a rain fly just to make 100% sure that the tent is kept waterproof.

The poles for the trail are made of fiberglass, unlike many other trails that use stainless steel. This was done so as to make sure the poles have a longer life, have more durability and also to reduce the weight of the total package.

The structure of the Ozark Trail is strong and sturdy and can carry even a ten-pound solar shower bag, which in itself is a proof to show how strong the tent is. The tent is so spacious that it can even make room for a medium size cooler to fit.


The Ozark Trail weighs only 20.2 pounds and it comes packaged in a 2 feet long by 6 inches by 6 inches bag with a handle. This makes sure that carrying it around would not be a nightmare.


Unlike most other instant showers, the walls of Ozark Trail have been coated with silver aluminum to make sure you can enjoy the shower in total privacy as well. Adding a portable toilet with the Ozark Trail makes it the perfect tent for camping throughout the year, for many years.

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Inside the Ozark Trail tent

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The main room has a floor that is completely covered. The shower side has a solid floor with a mesh border about 3 inches wide to allow the water to drain. This has been done to keep out insects. The shower room also comes with a holder where a towel or the clothes can be hung so that you don’t have to struggle after you enjoy a relaxing bath. There are pockets attached to the side walls so that toilet paper, soap and all such amenities are within your hand’s reach. Also, there are 2 huge windows on the shower side to allow air flow and to help in drying the room quickly.

There is a tag sewn inside the stuff sack of the Ozark Trail which contains the toll-free contact information and part numbers. A quick call to the toll-free number and the replacement parts will be on their way.

The Ozark Trail is ranked number 1 on the top 5 camping shower tents list provided by alloutdoors.com which speaks great volume about the tent and the quality it has, considering how big a site it is and the wide range of products they do the comparison with. Check price and more reviews on Amazon.com

What are the important features you will find here?

Here is a look at some of the top features that you would love.

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  • Great quality and yet very economical. It’s one of the best at the price point.
  • Easy to set up and pack away. It literally takes just minutes before you’ve everything ready.
  • 5 Gallon solar shower included in the package. So, the next time that you go camping, you don’t really have to worry about anything.
  • Comes in an easy to carry 2 feet by 6 inches by 6 inches bag with handle.
  • Separate changing room. You don’t have to tell someone else to move away when you’re going to change.
  • Walls coated with silver aluminum to ensure complete privacy.
  • Spring lip door ensures that you can open the tent anytime you want, within a few seconds.
  • Fiberglass poles for durability and reduces weight considerably.
  • Both rooms are fully floored, a reason you would just want to be in there, for as long as possible!
  • The solid floor in a shower room. Okay, so it can’t just get better than this.
  • Mesh border in the shower area to drain water.
  • Full vent in the roof to ensure air flow – perfect for those summer camps.
  • The zippered inner door to ensure privacy.
  • Lightweight, you can really carry it around with you no matter where you go. It weighs only 20.2 pounds.
  • Comes with a towel holder and a replaceable shower bag.
  • Rainfly also included, perfect for the rainy season. It is even waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Easy drying thanks to the windows as well as attached pockets to carry toilet paper.
  • Great support and easy assistance/replacement on contacting toll-free number.

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What all should I be worried about?

  • Whether the floor would be slick or not while wet is something that needs to be taken care of. However, even if the issue arises, using a rubber mat on the shower room floor will solve this issue.
  • The stakes that are provided with the tent may find it a bit difficult to hold the tent in windy conditions however using reinforced stakes or longer stakes would resolve this issue completely.
  • Holding fully filled shower bags will not affect the structure of the Ozark Trail. However, the seam for the handle does not seem to be that strong and might need a reinforcement sewing.
  • The water bag hangs on the side wall in a high position and if you’re short you might find it a bit difficult to hang the shower bag up there without help or at least by using a height elevation.
  • The Ozark Trail comes with the solar shower bag and there is no option to buy the tent without the shower, in case you already own a solar shower.
  • Zipper wears out over time like in most other tents.

Which type of environment is the OZARK TRAIL suited for?

The Ozark Trail can be used efficiently and effectively in most environments. As it is very east to set up and pack it up, combined with the fact that it is fully floored makes it the go-to tent for any situation or environment. Read more reviews + more info here


Even though the Ozark Trail may have a few disadvantages compared to other shower tents available in the market, it is still one of the best shower tents one can buy in the market. At such an economical rate with all the wonderful features it has, no second thoughts are needed for a camping enthusiast to buy Ozark Trail.

Most of the experienced campers who have used this trail once will never have to go search in need of a better shower tent. Continuous and rigorous usage of the trail without any damage speaks for itself. Definitely worth the money and very practical to use are all just feathers on the crown it already has!