The 10 Best Women’s Hiking Boots in 2020 – Waterproof & Lightweight

Best Women's Hiking Boots Waterproof Lightweight

Outdoor Backpacking includes a lot of necessary items for a comfortable and safe trip. But, one thing that stands out the most and determines your mood level is hiking boots. The most comfortable hiking boot makes sure you have a great time and also provides protection and safety. and the waterproof and lightweight it’s the important things to hikers to look for.

A poor-quality boot can get soaking wet in rains, and foul-smelling feet. It makes your feet sticky and uneasy to walk anymore. Also, not indulging in a good quality boot will leave painful blisters and marks.

How Do I Choose a Hiking Boot?

If you are new to hiking, you might think that buying a hiking boot is not a big deal. But, there is a lot of thought process that goes behind this. Professional hikers are no stranger to this concept.

The first thought before purchasing the boot should be for how long you are going to use it, and in what type of terrain you will be walking. Another most important factor is the fit of the boot. To make your decision easy, we have listed down all the essential elements you should keep in mind before purchasing.


Off-trail: They usually have full-grain leather with ankle support. Due to the hidden routes, these boots for women with rigid sole stability with flexibility at the balls of your feet are a perfect choice. It features waterproofing, durability with minimum seams.

Rough-trail: They are ankle-height due to the tiring hiking route. Constructed with mid-grain leather with breathable liners makes it perfect for rough conditions. The half-length shanks prevent you from feeling the small hard rocks.

Mountaineering: With excellent traction, they also have crampons for the steep route. They also provide full-length shanks and anti-skid for protection.

The right fit

Forget about size numbers: if you stick to the size numbers, it will only confuse you. Go for the size that perfectly fits you rather than the one you usually wear.

Narrow toe box: Avoid the boots whose toe box doesn’t let you wiggle your toes. It indicates the boot will become small after wearing socks.

Pain in the arch: If you have high arches, go for a boot that has more arch support to prevent pain.

Details and Preservation

Details: Apart from a comfort fit, your boot should also have ample tongue padding to prevent your upper feet from feeling the tight laces. The tongue padding and sole rigidity are juxtaposing. Make sure the level of padding gets balanced by stiffer sole. Internal ankle padding is also an important feature.

Preservation: To keep boot’s durability, soften the leather by persistent waterproofing with wax or silicon treatments. Repair your boots frequently, and take waterproofing treatments on long backpacking days. While water shrinks leather, rain and stream crossings maintain the durability of the boot.

Fixing Problems

Problem: Blisters

Solution: To prevent blisters, wear socks that don’t include bulky toe seams, imperfect fit, and uncomfortable weaves. If this technique doesn’t work, then replace the boot’s original insole with a new footbed. It prevents collapse and twisting inside the boot, or buy a boot that has high stability.

Problem: Soft soles

Solution: The reason behind this is due to insufficient sole padding. The best solution is to buy a new insole. A lot of markets provide insoles with different thicknesses. Buy one according to your preference.

The 10 Best Women’s Hiking Boots on the Market


1. Forsake Patch – Women’s Waterproof Premium Leather Hiking Boot

Forsake Patch - Women's Waterproof Premium Leather Hiking Boot

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It usually becomes challenging to hike in any snowy areas as your boot absorbs the moisture from the snow. It makes your boot heavy, and your feet wet that leave you uncomfortable. But not with this one! This boot has sweat-wicking linings and good quality leather.

Also, it guarantees a sweat-proof and a comfortable hiking day. The peak-to-pavement outsole is its distinctive feature. This unique design promises a good grip as well as stability. Enjoy your hiking with this attractive looking and waterproof boot.


  • Breathable: Designed in HydroGuard seam-sealed internally, it leaves your feet dry of all moisture. Perfect for walking in the snow or rain as the leather doesn’t let the moisture soak into your boot.
  • Comfortable: With the molded EVA soles and peak-to-pavement traction feature, this boot allows comfort and a strong grip. It also offers durability and comes in premium waxed leathers.
  • No foul smell: The boot consists of sweat-wicking linings that keep your feet sweat-free as it dries your feet.
  • Attractive: The boot comes in many contrasting colors, making it look attractive and also offers durability and stability. It has genuine suede, nylon lace, and good-quality finishing.

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  • Larger than usual size: This hiking boot is not true to its size. It runs a larger size than the size mentioned.
  • Over-clunky: This boot is not for rough terrain hiking as it is over-clunky. It becomes uncomfortable and tiring for walking in the rugged land.

2. Hi-Tec Women’s Bandera Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boot

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot

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This mid-rise hiking boot is stylish in looking but also serves its purpose. Wear it at any weather conditions due to its rugged outsole. It ensures proper grip and support.

It gives you the perfect fit and leaves you with no blisters! The boot has space for wearing woolen socks, and it is also comfortable.


  • Water-proof: The boot leaves your feet dry even after you walk through the snow or rain. It is breathable and prevents any absorption of moisture.
  • Rugged outsole: The rugged rubber design of the outsole provides a strong grip in loose terrains or rocky hills. This anti-slippery feature provides protection and stability.
  • Stylish: The color pattern of the boot makes it look attractive. The suede upper portion provides durability and support.

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  • Low-quality metal clasps: The metal clasps break off after only a few wears. The boot becomes loose due to this as there is no ankle support anymore.

3. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot

Hi-Tec Women's Bandera Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boot

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High traction and comfort are the two most essential features in a hiking boot. Luckily, this boot has both these qualities at a superior level. Innovative technology like Omni-grip and Techlite includes in the boot.

Omni-grip ensures the right grip for every terrain, and the Techlite is to increase the comfort level along with high energy return. It also has soft cushioning and assures protection and long-term use.


  • Durable: This mid-cut hiking boot is reliable and durable. Made with good-quality fabrics, it gives a prolonged service.
  • Water-proof: Constructed with suede and leather the boot has a water-resistant feature. It keeps your feet dry from moisture as well as sweat.
  • High traction grip: Incorporated with the innovative Omni-grip technology, this boot offers support and grip in all types of terrains.
  • Comfortable: Featuring a lightweight quality, it allows superior comfort due to the Techlite cushioning.

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  • Blisters: The top of the shoe bends down when you are walking and presses to your toenails. This problem causes painful blisters and later removes the skin off.

4. Manfen Hiking Boots for Women

Manfen Women's Hiking Boots Lightweight Waterproof Hunting Boots

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Unlike many hiking boots for women, this one comes with rubber caps to prevent your toenails from blisters. The outsole design has the perfect design for high traction. This attractive and durable boot seamlessly integrates with a durable and protection feature.

Perfect for long hiking days as it the footbed doesn’t let you feel the after results of the exhaustible day. Also, the long tongue prevents any splattering of mud on your leg.


  • Outsole design: Constructed in the rugged outsole, the boot provides a strong grip for protection. It also has rubber caps for blister-free toes.
  • High-technology: With advanced technology, it ensures durability, high traction, and stability. It also provides heel protection.
  • Multi-use: Apart from hiking, it is also usable for trekking, traveling, walking, and even camping.
  • Variety colors: The boot is available in a lot of various exciting colors for the user to choose from.

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  • Not water-proof: This hiking boot doesn’t safeguard your feet from water or moisture. Not at all suitable in snow-filled lands or from rain.
  • Poor ankle support: It doesn’t fit your ankle perfectly. This design flaw leaves your ankle with painful marks and blisters. It fails to prevent this issue even after tightening or loosening the lace.

5. Clorts Women’s Mid Hiking Waterproof Lightweight Boots

Clorts Women's Mid Hiking Waterproof Lightweight Boots

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Whether you are planning on going camping, hiking, or in snowfields, this lightweight boot has got you covered. It is an all-season boot that lets you use it all year round. This stylish and comfortable boot can also provide high traction grip and stability.

Forget about getting bruises with this ergonomically designed boot. Feel fresher and breathable due to the long tongue made with mesh. The anti-skid and anti-twist feature has what made this so likable in the eyes of adventurers. It is available in multiple new colors for the users to from.


  • Support: The long lugs designed in the outsole holds a strong grip in any terrain. The rear design also helps in anti-skidding. The TPU shank prevents ankle sprain as it provides stability and support.
  • Water-proof upper: The upper part has good-quality suede that stops the absorption of moisture. Also, the long mesh tongue provides breathability.
  • Sturdy and durable: It features lightweight, durable, and is perfect for long -term use. It is sturdy with high cushioning.

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  • Poor-quality heel: The heel separates from the sole easily. Walking on this boot without the heel is not possible.

6. Salomon Women’s Quest 4d 3 GTX Backpacking Boots

Salomon Women's Quest 4d 3 GTX Backpacking Boots

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The 4D Advanced Chassis feature is the reason behind the flexible and smooth nature of the boot. It will provide you high grip on the roughest terrain to safeguard from accidents. Also, it doesn’t let you feel the fatigue after the long tiring day.

The perfect lug design also provides an anti-skid function. It is ideal for backpacking with its lightweight yet sturdy nature. Wear this on any season without any worries as it is water-resistant. It makes your feet feel dry and fresher, as it doesn’t absorb moisture.

Available in different exciting colors like Ebony and teak, the boot is also attractive enough to capture the attention of many people when you wear it.


  • Water-resistant: It offers an odor-free smell making your feet dry and happier with this breathable boot. No matter where you are, it doesn’t let the moisture soak through the boot.
  • Comfortable: The boot remains comfortable on your feet. It gives flexibility with an anti-fatigue feature.
  • High traction grip: The rubber sole with the innovative lug design allows you to step on any terrain without any worries. Loose terrain or high steep, it provides protection from any accidents.

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  • No cons

7. KEEN Women’s Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot

KEEN Women's Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot

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Appropriate for wearing in all seasons, this boot is lightweight and very roomy. It is perfect for hiking in rugged terrains as it has a high traction grip. Provided with unique outsole design, it is comfortable and allows support.

It promises good-quality leather and mesh to keep your feet breathable. The EVA footbed is removable for better cleaning. Dirt and debris are easily removable with gentle brushing.


  • Breathable: The four mesh slots on either side of the boat make it breathable, and leave your feet looking fresh.
  • Outsole: Designed in longer lugs, provides high traction on all kinds of terrains. It grips to the surface preventing accidents. The built-in shank gives security, and stability.
  • Multi-use: Apart from hiking, you can also wearing in camping, traveling, trekking or any other outdoor activities.
  • Durable: The comfortable and stylish boot combines seamlessly with the durability feature.

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  • Stiff heal: The back of the heal causes painful blisters due to its stiff quality.
  • Not water-proof: Moisture soaks into your boot making it uncomfortable to wear. It cannot even prevent the moisture from morning dew.

8. Vasque Women’s Talus Trek UltraDry Hiking Boot

Vasque Women's Talus Trek UltraDry Hiking Boot

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The boot has high and advanced quality in the sole and the upper. The sole has XSTrek rubber that provides a high traction trail with many angular lugs. Also, it features molded EVA midsole, and the upper provides 1.8mm waterproof leather with chafing resistant mesh. It is lightweight and is usable in all seasons.


  • Tough exterior: Built-in nubuck leather and polyamide mesh give an anti-scratch exterior. It is wearable in rough terrains.
  • Breathable: with the EVA midsole, this lightweight boot is breathable in all conditions.
  • Advanced design: Made with nubuck leather to give it suede-like feeling, and wicking mesh lines keep the bad smell away. It is also responsible for dry and fresh feet.
  • High traction: Constructed with XSTrek rubber sole, it has multi-directional lugs to allow a strong grip and support.

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  • Too Stiff: They feel uncomfortable to wear and the first layer of the tread also comes off. It also hurts the top of the feet and the tongue is not padded, as well.
  • Narrow: This boot is not suitable for anyone with wide feet. With this boot, the side of the feet hurts.

9. Oboz Women’s Bridger B-DRY Hiking Boot

Oboz Women's Bridger B-DRY Hiking Boot

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Traction is an essential feature when you are going on a rocky trail. Unlike typical hiking boots for women, this one divides the soles into three different parts that have advanced technology in each. The insole that is the top layer of the sole has EVA sculpted arch for greater support.

It also guarantees superior stability and moisture-wicking feature. The mid-sole offers torsional support, and the single-density EVA gives balanced cushioning. And lastly, the granite peak outsole doesn’t let you feel any rocks or root underfoot.

Also, designed with B-dry technology, it allows the sweat to get away, leading to odor-free feet. Use it on rainy days, muddy areas, or even snowfields; it always keeps the moisture out.


  • Waterproof: The waterproofing system lets you wear it in any situations including muddy fields or rain. It also doesn’t keep your sweat lock-in, which makes your feet dry and odor-free.
  • High-traction grip: Divided into three different layers of the outsole, it gives you ultra-grip on rocky and loose terrains with multi-directional lugs.
  • Protection: The nylon shank is perfect for stability, and the front rubber cap ensures blisters-free toes.

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  • Uncomfortable: The boot is too narrow for some people. After walking for some miles, it leaves painful blisters. Not suitable for wider feet.

10. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Merrell Women's Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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This hiking boot has a zonal arch with EVA contoured footbed. The air cushion provides heel support and has a removable insole. It also comes with a front rubber cap to prevent any painful toe blisters. Known for its durability, and stability, this hiking boot gives Vibram traction.

The M select Dry technology allows sweat-free feet by letting the moisture out. It is wearable on all seasons and leaves enough room for socks without making it too loose. The good-quality leather and abrasion-resistant mesh are one of the many reasons for why this boot goes by the name Mother of All Boots(Moab).


  • Comfortable: The air cushioning feature in the heel absorbs shock and reduces stress with each step. It also provides comfort and stability with 5mm lug depth.
  • High traction rubber sole: The Vibram rubber sole is slip-resistance and anti-twist. It is durable and perfectly fits feet.
  • Breathable: The breathable mesh lining on the tongue and on each side of the boot allows your feet to remain fresh.

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  • Not waterproof: The hiking boots lose its waterproof quality after a few wearing. The footbed becomes soaking wet in the steady rain.

What Are the Best Women’s Hiking Boots?

The Best hiking boots for women should have everything starting from stability, durability to stylish and comfortable.

The Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is the mother of all boots. To sustain its waterproofing system, try the technique mentioned above. Apart from this, it is breathable, has high-traction, and comfortable. If you have wider feet, then Oboz Women’s Bridger B-DRY Hiking Boot will also work great for you.

Should I Buy a Size Bigger for Hiking Boots?

If you are going on a long hiking trip, then it is best to get a size up. Due to walking on the same shoe for a long time, it can lead to swelling of your feet. Go for your regular size shoe, on a short hiking day. But, the boot should have a proper fit and design.

Many people make the mistake of getting a bigger size of the boat if it has a narrow toe box. This action gives a lot of volume inside, which causes a problem when you are descending from the hill. Hence, instead of doing so, opt for a boot that has a well-designed toe box.

Not every brand fits a singular person; this is because that brand doesn’t make boots perfect for that person’s foot type. Individual foot-volume depends on many factors, like the height of the arch. For using it in various conditions, buy a bigger size for trying different socks and insoles.

There are many factors to consider before buying a bigger size boot:

  • Size up the boot if you have long-distance hiking.
  • For a short hiking day, it is better to remain to your original size.
  • Buy a better-designed toe-box boot for cramped toes instead of sizing up.
  • Size up if you are using it for different levels of conditions.

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Should You Wear Two Pairs of Socks When Hiking?

If you suffer from blisters, then yes! You can choose a liner pair and then a thicker cushioning sock to wear over it. Your feet will love you after this as it removes the moisture, thus keeping your feet dry and fresh. Moisture and friction are the two prime reasons for the cause of blisters.

Are the Cotton Socks Bad for Hiking?

Unlike popular belief, cotton socks are not suitable for hiking. Where your goal is for moisture-wicking socks, cotton socks absorb the most moisture than any other fabrics. It is also poor at regulating temperature. Hence, avoid using it in colder regions as it gets soaking wet with sweat resulting in loss of body heat due to conduction.

The long drying time is another one of the disadvantages of wearing cotton socks for hiking. You need items that dry fast. Fabrics like merino wool, nylon, and silk are some of the best options to choose from hiking.

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  • A good sole can give you comfort while you are doing hiking. You know I like bright color boots because if there is any thing happen I can use it for grab other people attention by using it as a SOS material.