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What are The Best Multitools For Camping & Hiking in 2019?

The Best Multitools For Camping and Hiking

Gone are the days we would buy separate tools for different purposes. Multi-tools serve various uses for the same task. So, what should we consider before purchasing a multi-tool for camping and hiking? You will find here the best multitools for camping and hiking to help you get more out of helpful in Outdoors.

Is it portable?

The way you would want to carry it matters the most. It doesn’t matter whether you are a technician, mechanic or just an average person; you might be interested in getting the most lightweight tool so that you could comfortably carry it places at ease. Leatherman provides you with one such option. Its collection of multi-tools range from being standard weight to essential chain size multi-tool which can cater to the needs of a layman.

Know your needs:

The fundamental rule here is to know why exactly you need a multi-tool. If you are a repair person then, of course, you would require the most extensive collection of tools in a multi-tool. But if you are a layman, you might need an essential multi-tool consisting of a knife, scissors, filer, and tweezers amongst anything else for day to day activities. If you are fond of camping or extreme adventure, you might consider getting one which has pliers and screwdrivers of different sizes, knives, wire cutters, can or bottle openers. The key to fulfilling the need.

Look for the quality:

Most multi-tools are not functional enough. The knife generally lacks the sharpness or maybe the filer isn’t as good as it should be. Most tools either tangle easily or the ones which can fit into your wallet are of no use. Some tools don’t even come with an outside lock on each tool individually and end up hanging loose which can sometimes result in injury. Always check reviews and ask around to ensure that their quality is excellent. Go for higher-end products if your budget allows you.

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Always go for the one that fits your budget:

Let’s admit it that even though they assist in the repair, these multi-tools aren’t that effective as compared to the real tools. They are just the substitutes of actual tools. Hence, if you have a tight budget but still need something light in weight and handy for emergency purposes, look for cheaper multi-tools.

Check if the tool has high duty on the billing before you order them as most companies outside the US charge heavy duties on them. Victorinox is one such company. Its Swiss knife is one of the most exceptional quality in the world but comes with a price. Leatherman has a variety of such multi-tools which can even fit in your pocket or a wallet and are sufficient enough to assist you with a repair on the go.

Considering these factors, we present to you a list of ten best multi-tools that you should consider getting now:

#1 Leatherman – Skeletool Lightweight Multi-tool


Leatherman - Skeletool Lightweight Multi-tool


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If you are looking for a vast collection of tools, do consider investing in this one. Leatherman products are meant for anyone to be it you as a layman or a professional repair person!


Lightweight: Comprising of 7 tools, this multi-tool is lightweight enough to carry anywhere. The knife, pliers, bit driver, wire cutters and carabiner/bottle opener are of different types and lengths designed to serve any need. Weight of the knife is 5oz and is very sharp keeping in mind the 2.6” length which is enough to cut through anything. The pliers are designed to operate even with a single hand as they function smoothly.  

Suitable for thick wires: The bit driver is quite significant and exchangeable. This multi-tool is best suited for wires that otherwise seem hard to cut as it is equipped with wire cutters that can single-handedly cut through thick wires that are not thin. The carabiner or bottle opener it has is something we need every day. It can easily open up stubborn steel caps of soft drinks or beer bottles because who wants to break their teeth trying to open them, right?

Stainless steel finish: The best part is that the overall tool is made of stainless steel and unlike many other tools it has a lock on the outside so that while you are using one particular tool, the other won’t hang out loose. It will prevent injury which can be caused if the other tools come in the way of your hand while you are operating it.


  • Supports single-handed use
  • Long-lasting as it is made of stainless steel
  • Smooth to operate
  • Has a lock on the outside


  • Available only in two colors
  • Expensive

#2 Leatherman Surge Heavy Duty Multitool

LEATHERMAN - Surge Heavy Duty Multitool

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If you think your needs require more than the 7 tools multi-tool we previously mentioned, this tool will provide you with a collection of 21 tools all together to cater to your mechanical needs. The process of repair has been made easier with this multi-tool which comprises of knives, scissors, pliers, wire cutters, wire strippers, electric crimper, screwdrivers, bottle and can openers, files saw along with a blade exchanger, awl and a ruler. it’s the best leatherman for outdoors.


Fit for Rough Use: The multi-tool comes in a variety of bodies like stainless steel, nylon sheath, black or MOLLE sheath, etc. The metal is of the most excellent quality. The knives have a blade which remains sharp even after a rough use and will not lose its sharpness for an extended period. 420HC Serrated knives and scissors are expressly provided to cut through hard and uneven surfaces.

Easy to adjust: Along with that, there are two types of pliers, i.e. needle-nose and regular pliers which are easily adjustable to cater to any requirement.

Strong Wire Cutters: The wire tools like wire cutters and strippers are easily replaceable and come in 3 variants designed for cutting hard wires, standard wires and thin wires. The screwdrivers too, come in 3 different sizes and can be exchanged. Unlike regular bottle and can openers, these are designed to pull out the hardest of metal caps. Just like other multi-tools of Leatherman, it comes with an outside lock. Also, It’s The best heavy-duty multitool on the market.

Lightweight: According to us, this is a must to have as it is the most extensive collection of everyday use tools that come handy yet lightweight. The company has stores all over the USA, and in any case of repair, it is easy to get it fixed from your nearest Leatherman store.


  • The largest collection of 21 tools
  • Good quality
  • The multi-tool can be customized as it is easy to detach tools you do not need.


  • Quite expensive
  • Slightly heavy to carry

#3 Hoffman Richter HR-100 13-in-1 Multi-tool

LEATHERMAN - Crunch Multitool

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This multi-tool has a total of 13 tools like needle nose spring-loaded pliers, wire cutters, can opener, bottle opener, medium slot screwdriver, small knife blade, metal file, large slotted screwdriver, an ultra-safe locking mechanism, a saw, mini slotted screwdriver, Philips head screwdriver, and a large knife blade. It’s the best multitools for camping.


Stainless Steel Body: The body is made up of sturdy all-440 stainless steel and is durable for rough use. The metal filers have a rough surface and stay in their place without coming out loose. Screwdrivers come in different sizes and are easy to detach from the tool if required.

Portable: Along with all these fantastic tools, Hoffman gives you an additional belt case which has a 1000D robust nylon body along with a belt loop so that you don’t need to buy a case for it separately and it is easy to carry like a sling or can be belted.

Multi-purpose: The company claims that even though this tool is designed for repair for mechanical and household purposes, it can also be used for self-defense. Multi-tools are often carried along with camping gear for repair needs. In such cases, it can come handy as survival gear and defending oneself from wildlife. Moreover, if you are a DIY person, his multi-tool is definitely for you!


  • Lightweight
  • Can be customized as tools are detachable
  • Quite affordable


  • Adjustment of bolts with nuts can be a problem
  • Does not include a lock and knives can easily hang loose

#4 Leatherman- Style CS Multitool

LEATHERMAN - Style CS Keychain Multitool

Check Latest Price

This is more of a key- chain styled multi-tool. If you are a technician or a mechanic, it is simply not meant for you. It serves as an essential tool for an average person!


Lightweight: With a 1.4oz body which is 2.9 inches long, this multi-tool is a go-to when used for basic applications like opening a bottle or nail filing. It is a combination of 6 tools- scissors, knife, nail filer, tweezers, screwdriver, and a bottle opener. It’s the best lightweight leatherman.

Apt for day to day use: The mini scissors can easily cut things like paper, thin wires; cardboard, etc. the knife can cut through smooth surfaces like fruits and small things which do not have a hard surface. Nail filers and tweezers are things we require in day to day life. The mini screwdriver is designed mainly for small screws. The tool altogether is so tiny that it can fit anywhere with ease.

Let’s admit the fact that whether we have a multi-tool for repair purposes or not, we surely need a basic one like this for emergencies!


  • The key chain can be attached anywhere
  • Serves all basic purposes
  • Very cheap


  • Not meant for mechanical repair purposes and it is easy to break
  • Components can come out loose and cause injury

#5 Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool 

Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool

Check Latest Price

If you are looking for screwdrivers specifically, this one is definitely for you. It is very affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket!


Screws come in different sizes, and for that matter, different screwdrivers can’t be bought. This is a 12 piece multi-tool that comes with a black sheath body, and in three different color finishes like coyote brown, brown molle, and US-made black sheath. The 3.2″ screwdriver opens up smoothly to operate. The tool is designed to cater to all different sizes of screws.

The driver opens up with a single finger command and can be operated single-handedly.


  • All-purpose screwdriver
  • Very affordable
  • Quality is great and will last longer


  • Specifically for screwdrivers
  • No outside lock; can cause injury

#6 Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Tool Spirit Multi-Tool

Victorinox Swiss Army SwissTool Spirit Plus Ratchet Multi-Tool

Check Latest Price

If you are into adventure sports and camping, you might consider buying this one. Weighing only 14.24oz, this multi-tool is 4.13” long and has about 38 functions!


You have access to all the tools you need from needle-nose pliers, Phillips screwdriver to a leather pouch, and a combi-edge blade to suit your needs. Just like all Victorinox tools, this also has blades made of stainless steel and promises to cut through the hardest and most rugged surface. The tool does not lose its sharpness and lasts longer.

What’s even better is that the proper tools are assembled in such a way that every tool can come out quickly from the handle without pulling the other one. These are assembled in a way that tools lock themselves when you slide them back into the place and will never come out loose. This is something that makes the products of this company unique as compared to every other.

The price truly justifies the quality of the tool. The quality is one of the finest in the world as the company is based in Switzerland.


  • Finest quality
  • Durability
  • The tools will not lose their sharpness even after rough use


  • Most expensive of all
  • Heavy-duty as it is made in Switzerland

#7 14 in 1 Stainless Steel Multi-tool by RoverTac

14 in 1 Stainless Steel Multitool in Durable Black Oxide

Check Latest Price

Seventh in our recommendation list, this multi-tool is specially designed for all your camping needs to be it hiking, backpacking, fishing, or even hunting. Consider getting this one before you set off for adventure!


The 14 in 1 multi-tool is made of stainless steel in black oxide and red oxide when it comes to the handle for more durability. It acts as a survival kit. The overall toolkit contains a hammer, an axe, pliers of variant sizes, one knife blade, saw, assorted hex wrenches, a Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener, file, a fish descale and a safety lock along with it to remove the fish scales with ease. The company ensures that these tools are so sharp that it can cut through hard and rugged materials like wood. It is quite handy when it comes to outdoor tasks and can be easily carried. The tool comes with a nylon bag to ensure the safety of the tool and avoid damage to other items when carried in a bag so that it doesn’t tear up.


  • 9 ounces multi-tool is the lightest available survival gear.
  • The sharpness of the tools does not decrease with time.
  • Very affordable
  • Strong body


  • Because of the nut bolts, the contents tend to come off loose as per time.
  • Cannot be customized

#8 Leatherman Super Tool 300 EOD

LEATHERMAN - Super Tool 300 EOD Multitool

Check Latest Price

Leatherman never fails to surprise us especially when it comes to heavy-duty multi-tools. Weighing only 9.6 oz, this multi-tool is 4.5” long and the super tool offers 19 tools in total which are EOD specific; so you need not worry about safety!


It includes needle-nose pliers, wire cutters for standard and thin wires, 154cm fuse-Wire cutters which are replaceable, electrical crimpers, wire stripper, 420HC combination of knife, a metal saw which is replaceable, a C4 punch, cleaning rod adapter, an awl with thread loop, ruler of 9 inches, can opener and bottle opener, Phillips screwdriver and a large, medium and small screwdriver. The crimpers and wire cutters are very useful.

Pliers are quite strong and are included with attached cleaning brushes which are replaceable. The tool can easily be operated with gloves on as it provides you with a firm grip. This is not your everyday tool but so much more than that and almost like a real tool.

The reason why it is called a super tool is that it functions more like an actual tool that it can cut through durable materials like wood, aluminum, and steel easily without losing its sharpness. The locking feature in Leatherman tools keeps the tools at their place so that even when they are used single-handedly, there is no chance of injury.


  • It is more of a real tool.
  • The strong body which will last long.
  • Better results than most multi tools


  • Heavy.
  • Extremely pricey just like real tools

#9 SOG Multitool Pliers and Hand Tools

SOG Multitool Pliers and Hand Tools

Check Latest Price

If you spend most of your time in the woods, invest in this multi-tool. Not only it is safe to use, but it is also one of the best available tools in the market!


A total of 18 hand tools like pliers, cutters, a knife, a hex bit driver and a ¼ inches driver cap crimper, the 9.6-ounce multi-tool have a black oxide stainless steel finish. The C4 knife is extra sharp and can cut through any hard metal. The two pliers can be used for gripping pipe or rods, twisting wires, and cutting it.

The in-built power lock allows you to lock the other tools to keep them secure and release them when needed. Not all survival multi-tools have this feature. The EDC nylon sheath in the tool makes it injury-proof. The best part is that all these tools are replaceable. Lastly, the multi-tool is an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) specific.


  • Specifically meant for extreme rough usage.
  • Comes with a belt holder which makes it easy to carry.
  • The handles are tight and won’t cause injury.


  • The pliers are not spring loaded and the backward design of the can opener seems to cause issues
  • No extra sheath included

#10 Victorinox Cyber-Tool, 34 Functions

Victorinox Cyber-Tool, 34 FunctionsCheck Latest Price

If you are an IT professional or simply a person who wants to repair computer hardware at home, Victorinox’s cyber tool has you covered. Considered as one of the best multi-tools on the market, it comes with a total of 34 functions to suit your needs.


34 in 1 Tool to Replace your Tool Kit: consisting of a corkscrew, toothpick, scissors, sewing eye, large and small straight-edged knife blades, can opener with small screwdriver, cap lifter with large screwdriver and wire stripper, reamer, bit-wrench with bit hex, 4mm female hex drive for Bits, 0″ Philips bit, 1″ Philips bit, 4mm slotted bit, 2″ Philips bit, 8, 10 and 15″ TORX bits, 4mm hex bit, bit case, ballpoint pen to set DIP-switch, stainless pin, mini-removable screwdriver, tweezers pliers with wire crimping tool and wire cutter and multi-purpose hook, it also includes a split key ring.

Amazing Compact Design: With a fold-out bit case included, it is easily portable. The stainless steel tool has a handle, which is acid-resistant. The fact that the multi-tool is meant for laymen, as well as professionals, makes it a must-have tool.


  • Finest quality multi-tool in the market
  • Sharp and requires less effort


  • Heavy duty and hence, quite expensive
  • Parts cannot be detached or customized

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Which One’s Our Favorite?

Even though there are so many multi-tools in the market, according to us Leatherman tops the list. The company takes serious effort towards ensuring top-notch quality. It has a collection of as large as about 21 tools assembled in one multi-tool which is so much easier to carry instead of all of them individually.

From the most lightweight tools in a key chain design to standard tools meant for household repair, it has them all. Moreover, it’s worth the money you are investing in as they are long-lasting.

Safety norms are taken into consideration with the Explosive Ordnance Disposal specific tools design. The fact that the tools are easy to detach and can be customized as well as replaced with absolutely no questions asked is impressive. Even though Victorinox offers good quality tools when it comes to sharp knives but what we don’t like is that they are heavily priced and not everyone can afford it.

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