The 8 Best Fish Finders and GPS For The Money (2020)

The 8 Best Fish Finders For The Money With GPS (2019)

Can you spot any fish?

Are you looking at the right place?

These are the common questions we utter a billion times while fishing. What if there was a device that showed us where the fishes are? Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Well, we do have Fish Finder to the rescue!

What Is A Fish Finder And How Does It Work?

A fish finder is inventive, handy, and above all makes our work easy.

It’s a must-have gadget if you’re that person who loves spending time at the lake catching fishes.

It effortlessly tracks and spots fishes by scanning the water around us by making use of Sonar – the mechanism used by ships as well as submarines.

The working mechanism of a fish finder is quite simple.

In most cases, the transmitter or transducer should be in such a way on the boat that it comes in contact with the water. Next, the electrical signals are transformed into sound waves using a Hydrophone. When the sound waves collide with any fish or object underwater, it displays its properties on the screen of the fish finder.

It provides us with information such as:

– The depth of the water

– The temperature of the water

– Frequency of sonar

– Location of big, small fishes and the patterns made by them

– If the fish finder has GPS, it shows the speed of GPS

Why You Want a Fish Finder?

Usually, while planning for a day out at the lake or sea for fishing, people generally prefer small boats or kayaks. A Fish Finder helps people who are kayaking by monitoring the fishes underneath and nearby. It also warns them about the depth and temperature of water and helps them to stay safe.

People who use small boats or kayaks prefer compact fish finders. Big and bulky gadgets might cause them to lose control since it’s difficult to handle. If you read this article completely, you can find the best Fish Finders for small boats.

Well, not all visit the lake for fishing. Hence, there are different operations in a fish finder that will be of help to people. In case you’re planning for a good relaxed swim at a lake but, worried about the depth and things underwater. In that case, the fish finder with the down imaging sensor will help in detecting the areas where the depth of water is high and low. Let us discuss further fish finders with GPS which cost under 500$, its uses and specifications.

Do You Want a Fish Finder With GPS?

Unlike the usual fish finders, the one with GPS acts as a multipurpose tool and can help you in the following ways.

  • Displaying the navigation

One of the uses of GPS is navigation and helping us with the directions.  Figuring out the route can be difficult on water. In such instances, the fish finder with GPS will be of great help.

  • Detecting the speed of the GPS

Unlike on land, the speed and intensity with which the boat or ship travels are immense. The GPS helps in monitoring the speed effectively and systematically.

  • Layout and save the waypoints

While traveling on a boat, you get attracted to a location and decide to visit it frequently. Well, it’s not land to make a note of the street or area. What do you do in such a situation? You can save your desired spot as waypoints in your fish finders map. How easy can anything be?

  • Save the routes in the gadget

The gadget allows you to save your desired way on the fish finder’s chart.

Since most of us are distinctive in choices, there are plentiful options for fish finders to choose from according to your needs.

When we look at the price range, it starts at 10$ and goes on. It all depends on the features, budget, and quality you prefer. There’s one for everyone!

If you’re planning to start your fishing venture and confused about finding the best fish finder for your needs, you are in the right place. Given below are the list of best fish finders with GPS, those that are suitable for small boats and affordable by all.

Let’s Take A Look At The 8 Best Fish Finders

1# Anysun Underwater Fish Finder

Anysun underwater fish finder


Are you planning for a day out at the lake or beach? Isn’t fishing an activity you would want to indulge in? If your answer is yes, the Anysun underwater fish finder with a video camera is all that you need for the perfect fishing experience. Check below to know its amazing features and specifications, and you’re sure to get impressed.

Features And Specifications

Design: IP68 design with cold-proof, waterproof quality.

Monitor: Built with 7 inch TFT LCD monitor. When it’s too sunny or bright, the inbuilt sun-visor helps.

– Image Quality: One of the most efficient underwater camera with colour CCD and HD 700 TV lines.

– Battery: Consists of an in-built lithium 4.5 AH battery which can make the camera work for a 9-12H working time when fully charged.

– Material: Durable since it’s made up of metal.

– Cable: Comes with a 15m anti-press cable

– Weight: Lightweight and compact-2kgs

– Voltage levels: 12 VDC

– Additional features: Its viewing distance ranges from 0-5m, can work in the dark. Also, it comes with a carry case as well.


– Provides enhanced picture quality

– Suitable for ice-fishing

– Deepwater discovery

– Long battery life

– Works well during the night

– Switch to monitor the light during the night.


-Doesn’t work well in murky water

-Lacks SD card slot


It’s a compact and affordable choice of a fish finder that comes with advanced features. Great value for money. Majority of the customers have rated 5 stars for this product. Hence, it is a great value for money.

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2# Garmin Striker 4 Fish Finder with GPS

Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer


Does the size of the gadget always worry you? Are you the person who absolutely hates carrying heavy stuff on a day trip? Don’t you worry! The Garmin Striker 4 fish finder is perfect for those who love tiny compact gadgets. Installed with advanced features, this is going to make your fishing easy-peasy.

Features And Specifications

– CLEARVÜ SCANNING SONAR: Consists of (77/200 kHz) CHIRP sonar transducer that enhances the clarity as well as sends continuous waves of different frequencies. Due to the high frequency, the device produces high-quality pictures with a clear-cut definition.

– PRODUCT SIZE: You can choose from 3 display sizes- 3.5, 5, 7.5 inches.

– WAYPOINT MAP: Has an in-built waypoint map that enables us to save locations and routes on the device. Depth up to which it can work; 1600 feet in freshwater and 750 feet in saltwater.

– IN-BUILT FLASHER: Has an inbuilt flasher which makes it great for ice fishing, and jigging.

– CHIRP SONAR: Unlike other sonars, the CHIRP sonar (77/220 kHz) sends frequencies of varied range continuously. Due to this, you get precise information.


-The high sensitivity GPS control allows you to mark routes and enables you to move anywhere you want on the lake.

– Compact and easy to carry anywhere you want

– Affordable and worthy for the features offered

– Has a waypoint map to save important locations

– Presence of a keypad with buttons for easy use


– Lack of clear and detailed instructions on usage

– Transducer cable might not be long enough for high boats, which requires you to buy an extension cable

– The model does not include maps

-The screen is small for the number of features it offers


Overall, the Garmin Striker 4 is a multipurpose tool with accurate GPS facility. Don’t miss out on this one.

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3# Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Fish Finder

Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Fish Finder


Does not finding any fish in the sea while fishing demotivate you? Don’t you worry because the Venterior VT-FF001 portable fish finder is available to make your work easy? The sophisticated model is easy to carry and has a wide range of features, like a 45-degree beam angle sensor.


– TRANSDUCER: Has a wired sonar sensor wide transducer and comes with a 25 feet cable and transducer float

– DISPLAY: Has an Anti-UV LCD, offering a clear view of the fish location, plants, and rocks. More, it works well in the night too.


– The battery has a high life-span

– Accurate location of fish is estimated

– Depth is detected precisely

– Has a fish alarm

– Displays the rocks, plants present on the seabed

– Settings can be varied


– Doesn’t display small fishes which are below 10cm in length

– Non-waterproof receiver

– When you shut it down, the settings get reset


This is a good option to consider if you want to buy affordable fishfinder with varied qualities.

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4# Eyoyo 15M Underwater Fish Finder

Eyoyo 15M 4.3 LCD Ice-Sea Fish Finder


Isn’t it annoying to keep waiting for the fishes to come out? What if you had a device that will show you the exact location of the fishes in the sea? What more can we ask for? The Eyoyo underwater fish finder is perfect for underwater fishing and ice fishing as well. Whether it be a metal case camera or a 130-degree viewing angle, there is a lot to love about it.

Features And Specifications

-BATTERY:  You would love the 2600MA Lithium rechargeable battery that comes with a working time of 6-7 hours

-MONITOR: The TFT color monitor has an infrared LED camera light that comes with an adjustable LED’s.

-ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Like some of our other choices above, it is both waterproof and cold-resistant.


– Suitable for ice-fishing

– Long battery life

– High definition camera with 1000 HD TV lines

– Suitable for monitoring aquaculture

– Compact and can fit in a pocket

– Affordable

– Comes with an inbuilt sun-visor


-This model doesn’t have the features of clicking pictures or recording videos


The model is great for people who do not want to record videos or click pictures while fishing.

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5# Lucky Wireless Sonar Fish Finder with Wi-Fi

Lucky Wireless Sonar Fish Finder Portable Transducer Fishfinder Fishing


If you’re looking for a fish finder with various features and can be used for many aquaculture activities, the Lucky wireless sonar fish finder is the perfect option. Read the features and specifications given below, and you will know why it’s the best.

Features And Specifications

– SONAR: The SONAR has a frequency of 125 kHz, and the coverage is 90 degrees

– OPERATION RANGE: Its depth capacity is 2feet – 147 feet and operates up to 164 feet range.

– BATTERY: It takes less time to charge, and it can last for 5 hours.

– Wi-Fi: Wi-fi is working with Ios and Android systems. It has wireless features which can operate up to 50m. Downloading the WIFI fish finder will give access to all the data on the smartphone. The frequency range is 2.4 GHz.

– WEIGHT: Extremely lightweight with just 3.52 ounces

– BATTERY: Works on lithium battery


-Has fish alarm

-Can detect the fish location and depth in fresh or salt water.

-Can be used for ice fishing, kayak fishing, river fishing, and sea fishing.

-Indicators such as red light and blue light to show charging and working operations respectively.


-The app on Android keeps crashing.


Though it’s slightly on the expensive side, it’s worth every penny spent.

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6# Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar Fish Finder with GPS



Are you in need of a versatile, compact, wireless, high-speed fish finder? The Deeper PRO+ Smart sonar has portable GPS feature which makes it perfect for ice fishing when sailing on a small boat and even kayaking. Check below the features and specifications of this gadget.

Features And Specifications

-OPERATION: It operates with dual beam sonar frequency and can cast up to 330ft and scan down to 260ft.

-GPS: This model has in-built GPS which allows us to mark our favorite ice locations on the map. This makes it easier for us to come back to the spot later on. This can be done using the Deeper App.

– Wi-Fi: Comprises of its own Wi-Fi which can be synced to our phones easily.

-COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with iOS and Android devices

-BATTERY: It takes 2 hours for the battery to get fully charged and the lasts for about 5 hours.

-ACCURATE MAPPING: Once the fish finder begins to operate, a map with readings and details is shown on the smartphone that is connected to the device. The location, depth, bottom contour, etc. is displayed on the map.


– Wireless and versatile

– Can sync with a smartphone

– Free access to Lake Book

– Accessible through the Deeper App


– The battery doesn’t last over a year.

– No hardware support in the USA has to ship from Lithuania.


This one’s a compact gadget that possesses all the advanced features such as mapping, and wireless connection.

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7# Lucky Handheld Portable Fish Finder with Sonar Transducer and Lcd Display

LUCKY Handheld Portable Fish Finders for Boats Fishing


Are you new to fishing? The Lucky handheld portable fish finder is designed specifically for beginners but, even experienced people can use it. It’s easy to use and works well on ice fishing, kayaking, shore fishing, and sea fishing. With a 2 inch LCD and anti-UV properties, this one has a detector range of 45 degrees.

Specifications and Features

– TRANSDUCER PROPERTIES: The device has a 1.81 inches diameter transducer cable.It also has a removable transducer float.

– BATTERY: The battery charges quickly and can last for 4-5 hours.


– The LCD views the bottom contour composition. Images of rocks, stones, plants present underwater are displayed on the LCD screen.

– Consists of five sensitivity modes to use in different fishing environments.

– Detects the depth of the water

– Flexible to use on ice, kayaks, boats, etc.


– Gets submerged in rain

– Not very accurate at times


A user-friendly and compact fishfinder comes with all the features you would want.

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8# Ray Marine Dragonfly Pro Chirp Fish Finder

Raymarine Dragonfly Pro Chirp Fish Finder with Built in GPS and WiFi


The Ray Marine Dragonfly fish finder is one with advanced features such as GPS, Wi-Fi consisting of maps, and navionics. Though it’s on the expensive side, its features are highly advanced and live up to the expectation s.

Specifications and Features

–  DISPLAY: Has ultra-wide CHIRP down vision, high-definition LED display which is optically bonded to cover wider angles.

– Dual-channel CHIRP sonar: The first channel offers wide-spectrum high definition images and the second helps to target fish.

– Navionics+ US and Canada chart: The device covers the USA and Canada including more than 20,000 lakes. By installing apps like Navionics boating, we can enjoy the live streaming of the map created by you on the phone or tab.

– Wi-Fi: The device has wireless features that enable us to check the data on our phone using Wi-Fi by downloading the necessary apps.

– Wi-Fish app: The Wi-Fish app along with dragonfly pro offers augmented navigation and user-friendly mapping which can be viewed on mobiles.


– Mobile friendly mapping.

– Flexible mounting options.

– Simple and easy to use.

– Has wide LED screens you will love.


– There is no user manual.

– Oversized transducer


The Ray Marine Dragonfly pro chip fish finder is one of the best finders available in the market.

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The Best Fishfinder and GPS for the Money

The Best Fish Finder Under $100

The Best Fish Finder Under $200

In A Nutshell

Now that you know the best fish finders and its mechanisms go grab the one best suitable for you and make your fishing experience a memorable one.

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Which One’s the Best?

If you are looking for a fish finder that is just right for you, any of these could work just fine. However, if you are looking for the best one out there, we can suggest you go for Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar fish finder. It’s got all the features you need, and you can even sync it with your smartphone.

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