The 10 Best Cooler Bag for Beach & Picnic in 2020

The 10 Best Cooler Bag for Picnic & Beach

Are you tired of carrying food that can get spoiled instantly? Do you hate to throw away food that got stale in no time? Do you always pray that you find a refrigerator nearby so that you can store your food?

Keeping cooked food, or even for that matter drinks, and fruits out in the open sun does not only spoil it but also causes to give off a foul odor. Every time you think about a picnic and beach, you think of one such refrigerator that you can carry around with you. For that instinct of yours, here come cooler bags that can help you store your food for an extended amount of time.

A cooler bag is a mini-refrigerator for those of you people who love to carry your food to your favorite picnic spot or beach spot. The cooler bags come with ice packs to keep your food and drinks cold, refrigerated, and fresh. Studies have shown, food if stored for longer durations in a cooler bag can prevent food-borne illnesses.

Yes, you can carry cooler bags that are portable and very effective anywhere with you when you travel. You can keep your drinks cold and food fresh when you plan to go for a picnic with your family or to the beach.

What Should You Look For In A Cooler Bag?

What makes for a good buy when it comes to a cooler bag? We take a look at a few things that you need to consider when buying one.

Ice life

You must look for a cooler bag that has enough storage space to occupy your food items and drinks. Not only that, but it must also have an extremely long ice life. When you go out in the open sun for a picnic, your food is bound to get hot and spoiled. So, you need such a cooler bag that can keep your food out in the open sun cool and fresh. It is important to find such a cooler bag that can adjust to extreme temperatures. It must have an ice life of at least 12 hours.


When your family needs you to go for a picnic, you plan of packing up lunch, snacks, and drinks. A cooler bag must have enough space for your food items and for the ice packs that will be keeping your food item cold and preserved. It must have various storage pockets for smaller food items. Food items like snacks and drinks are what you will need for an outing on the beach or a picnic trip with your family members. So, make sure you buy the right size.


The cooler bag must have a leak-proof design. So, the food does not get wasted. It must have heat-welded construction for the seams to prevent leakage. The material used for making the cooler bag must be comfortable to use and touch and durable too. Also, to keep your food items uninfected, the material must have an anti-microbial property.


Once in a while, you go for an outing on the beach or for a picnic, and when you go, you need to carry a cooler bag that will be able to bear the extreme environments, be it summer, winter, or raining season. It must have proper manufacturing processes and made up of high-quality materials.

Various accessories

If your cooler bag has side pockets along with external storage areas for you to store more items, they may not necessarily be food items; they can be plates and cups and saucers, spoons, or tissues. You need to have extra storage so that these items don’t get damaged while you carry them to your outing on a beach or a picnic spot.


The more the benefits, the more the price will be. Cooler bags that have extreme requirements come with a little high price. These cooler bags are made up of high-quality, and where there is quality, your product will be valued, and so will the price go up. Some cooler bags are of lower quality and may not cost you much.

If you are planning to look for a cooler bag for an outing to the beach or a picnic with your family and friends, here’s a list of things that you must consider before buying one.


The 10 Best Cooler Bag for Picnic & Beach

Cooler bags come with admirable trendy colors and storage pockets. They are made exclusively for travelers who love to carry their food and spend the day out in nature with their near and dear ones.

You should not worry about your food items because you just cannot stop being a traveler. With the help of a great cooler bag, you can leave your worries and have a nice sumptuous meal out in the open sun.

Here are some of the best Cooler bags, which will be perfect for your beach or picnic outings.


1. Tourit Cooler Bag

TOURIT Soft Cooler 30 Cans Leak-Proof Soft Pack

This Tourit cooler bag is a perfect companion for picnics, lunches, beaches, parks, hiking, or even camping or backyard use.

It is quite easy to carry as it comes with detachable shoulder strap with pad, top handles, and two reinforced side grab-n-go handles.

The material of this cooler bag is BPA free material. Safe and 100% leak-proof and impact resistant. It has a tough shell so that it can save itself from hazards.

It has an airtight zipper with an easy pull tab that keeps the cooler bag leak-proof. You can use salt water to clean the interior of this cooler bag after every use.


Top Features:

Retention Time: Up to 3 days

Insulation: BPA-free material

Weight: 6.1 pounds

Capacity: 30 cans plus ice

Colors: Find it in different color choices – Black, Grey, Dark Grey, and Blue.

2. Skog A Kust Cooler Bag

Skog A Kust Cooler Bag

Skog A Kust means- Forest, Creek, Coast. So, this cooler bag promises durability and functionality. It has a reflective nylon webbing, so you don’t have to worry about your food getting hot or spoiled.

You get a carrying handle with a Velcro padded grip to offer you carrying comfort. It is 100% airtight and waterproof material and is made from strong 420D TPU with welded seams.

One added benefit of this cooler bag is that it has an exterior slip pocket to help you store your phone or house keys. The removable shoulder strap is padded with neoprene.

It is best suited for picnics, parties, and backyard barbeques, and if you want to go to the beach.


Top Features:

Retention Time: Up to 10 hours plus

Insulation: Closed-cell rubber foam

Weight: 6.65 pounds

Capacity: 24 cans plus 10 to 15 pounds of ice

Colors: It’s available in just the light grey color.

3. Mier Cooler Bag

Mier Cooler Bag

This Mier cooler bag is best suited for outdoor trips, picnics, and trips to the beach. It is made up of top-quality tarpaulin material, which is quite an abrasion-resistant.

The cooler bag has a lot of room for 50 plus cans. It has one front mesh pocket, two side pockets with spring buckles to prevent them from falling, and a small zipper pocket on both sides.

It also consists of an air valve on the front that allows air circulation. There are Duraflex buckles that have reinforced stitches for long-lasting use.

If your cooler bag encounters any stain, it can easily be removed by rinsing it with water. It consists of no leaky zippers; all you have to do is close at the top.

buttonTop Features:

Retention Time: Up to 12 hours plus on a hot day

Insulation: Tarpaulin material

Weight: 3.85 pounds

Capacity: 52 cans plus ice

Colors: Black

4. Hap Tim Cooler Bag

Hap Tim Cooler Bag

This Hap Tim cooler bag has new waterproof linen with new technology. It is best suited for the people who want to go to their offices, camping with family members, or go fishing.

come with a leakproof insulated interior, so best suited for storing drinks and food cold wherever you go. This Hap Tim cooler bag can hold up to 40 cans. It also has a built-in bottle opener.

You can also keep your phone in the front external pocket. The best part about this cooler bag is that it is collapsible, so it saves space.

It consists of a comfortable side grip, and duffle bag handles so all the heavy lifting seems light. It has a flop-free structured design so there’s no spillage.


Top Features:

Retention Time: Up to 2 days

Insulation: Closed-cell foam material

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Capacity: 40 cans plus ice

Colors: Blue Grey, Dark Grey, and Grey.

5. Tourit Backpack Cooler Bag

TOURIT Leak-Proof Soft Sided Cooler Backpack

Tourit Backpack cooler bag can help you go on a camping trip or a hiking trip. The most promising feature of this cooler bag is its backpack facility.

You don’t have to bear its weight on either one of your shoulders. Also, you can free your hands for all the climbing you might want to do while you go hiking or camping.

Since it is made up of high-density insulation material, you can store your food, be it hot or cold for up to 3 days.

In case you are thirsty and you have carried drinks with you, you can make good use of the attached bottle opener.


Top Features:

Retention Time: Up to 3 days

Insulation: 3-layer BPA-free material

Weight: 4.6 pounds

Capacity: 36 cans plus ice

Colors: Grey and Blue.

6. Bison XD Series Cooler Bag

BISON COOLER 12 Can XD Series SOFTPAK Ice Chest Bag

The Bison XD Series cooler bag here is perfect for an outing, a picnic trip, or beach trip. Not just that, but also for hiking and camping.

It is quite resistant to stains, mildew, bacteria, and fading. You don’t have to worry about its transportation as it has a padded shoulder strap.

This is proudly made in the USA, and some users say food stays frozen for about 24 hours! Some even report that it has a clever design and solid construction.

You can customize it with your accessories, and it has side pockets to help you keep your dry items like gadgets.


Top Features:

Retention Time: Up to 1 day in 120 degrees of heat

Insulation: BPA-free material

Weight: 2.80 pounds

Capacity: 12 cans plus 5 pounds of ice

Colors: Gun Metal, Marlin, and Quicksand

7. Bison Cooler Bag

BISON COOLERS Soft Sided Insulated 12 Can Cooler Bag

This Bison Cooler bag is best suited for people who are into day trips, sporting events, and picnics to the beaches.

It has insulation of an inch that keeps your drinks frosty cold. It is quite UV-protected, so it doesn’t fade easily.

Some users say it does not leak or sweat, is well-built and stitched. Some found it to be worth the money.

Made in the USA, this cooler bag guarantees to be stronger than any other soft-sided cooler.

It comes with a bottle-opener if you are carrying drinks to the beach or the picnic spot. It has two times the insulation, so you don’t have to worry about your food. You can store it at up to 120F degrees of heat which is a plus point, though it will do great for just about a day.


Top Features:

Insulation: Heavy-duty 1000 denier vinyl shell

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Capacity: 24 cans and 10 pounds of ice

Colors: Black, Blue, Pink, and Sand

8. Yeti Hopper Flip Cooler Bag

YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler

This Yeti Hopper Flip cooler bag has cold-cell insulation to offer your food items and beverages superior cold-holding as compared to ordinary soft coolers.

The shell of this cooler bag is water-proof and resistant to mildew, punctures, and abrasions. It has an added feature of the Molle bottle opener directly attached to the cooler bag.

It has a HydroLok Zipper which is one of the toughest, highest-performing water-proof, and leak-proof zipper of a cooler in the world. With a retention time of just up to two days though, it’s not the best.


Top Features:

Insulation: Closed-cell rubber foam (cold-cell insulation)

Weight: 4 pounds

Capacity: 12 cans plus ice

Colors: Coral, Charcoal, Field Tan, River Green, Fog Grey, Tahoe Blue

9. CleverMade Cooler Bag

CleverMade Collapsible Cooler Bag

This reliable collapsible CleverMade cooler bag has a large capacity for up to 50 cans plus ice. You can carry this cooler bag to the beach, to the campsite, or even sports events if you are a sports enthusiast.

The best part about this cooler bag is that it is light-weight, but has a large capacity. Come with multiple layers of leakproof insulation to create a perfect seal of your food items and beverages.

It is included in one of the most compact coolers. It can fold itself down to less than 3 inches. Being collapsible by nature, you can carry it around and keep it anywhere you like. CleverMade cooler bag is very good for family outdoor activities.

Some users report it is tall enough to stand a 2-liter milk carton up on the inside.


Top Features:

Retention Time: Up to 4 days

Insulation: 3 layers of leakproof insulation

Weight: At 2 pounds, it’s not heavy.

Capacity: 50 cans plus ice

Colors: Steel Blue/Cream, Light Grey/Denim, Heathered Orange/ Charcoal, Heathered Charcoal/ Black, Heathered Blue/ Charcoal, Heathered Grey/ Coral.

10. OlarHike Cooler Bag

OlarHike Large Cooler Lunch Bag

This OlarHike cooler bag has an exterior fabric of 600D Oxford. The interior of this cooler has eco-friendly PEVA foil and is padded with 5mm EPE foam for great thermal resistance.

When you go for an outing to the beach or plan for a picnic with your family and friends, you can make good use of this cooler for keeping cold beer, fresh snacks, and fresh fruits.

The exterior Oxford fabric is quite durable and water-resistant. Among its various accessories, it has a padded shoulder strap to prevent slippage, durable zipper, dual handles with Velcro closure and durable buckles.

Some users report, it kept their water cool even without ice packs!


Top Features:

Retention Time: Up to 12 hours

Insulation: Thermal insulation

Weight: 2.19 pounds

Capacity: You can store as many as 40 cans in it together, which is a decent capacity.

Colors: Grey

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Buy the Best Cooler Bag You Need

Now and then, you want to plan a picnic with your family or friends that you have been dying to go to. But to plan such an outing, you need to have adequate accessories like a cooler bag to carry your food items. When it comes to your cooler bag, keep in mind that you get the best, right from ice life to durability. Remember to pack as much as you need in the cooler bag. That’s your mini-refrigerator, after all.

Its time you spent the day out in the open sun without any worry of your food items getting spoiled.