Camping Games: Here Are The Best Games for Children

Camping Games Here Are The Best Games for Children

Camping is only effective if the outdoors are enjoyed. And while you may find tranquility in the peace and solitude of the woods or the beach, if your children are attached to smartphones, iPhones, mobile devices, and the like, the odds are that he or she will not come away with a memory of camping with the family but rather a sense of accomplishment for beating their high score. To divert their attention from such, Here are the best games for children when camping.

1. Scavenger Hunt

gofindit - Outdoor nature scavenger hunt card game for families

If you have children, then the odds are very high that at some point you played hide-and-go seek with them. A scavenger hunt is similar in this respect, though the objects you are finding are already hidden in nature. It is important when you conduct your scavenger hunt that you

  • Pair a child with an adult
  • Have a list or cards which are easy to understand (this may mean have pictures of the object for younger kids).
  • Allow them to look at their own pace

When conducting your Scavenger hunt, if the objects are to be gathered, ensure that you have a bag to collect everything in. Check the price on Amazon.

2. Play “CAMP” the board game

Camp Board Game

This game allows for 8 players to play. The game is centered around the campfire. It is a standard board game with question cards (ranked) one to 4, depending upon the skill set level/age. Camping the board game is an educational game, so while your children are having fun they are also learning. Great stuff. Just remember that when you play the game that you are dealing with cardboard pieces and paper, so you will need to keep the box dry. This may not be ideal for those camping at the beach or by a riverbed. However, if you have a multi-person tent and want to spend some time together, this is ideal. Check the price on Amazon.

3. Backyard Dart Toss

Outdoor Backyard Lawn Darts Game

The game of lawn darts has come quite a long way since I was a child. Primarily, the tips are no longer projectiles and the darts are no longer dangerous missiles that you launch in the air (remember these). Nowadays, the darts have been made so that they can be played with by children of all ages. First, the tips are rounded and non-metallic. While they are weighed, they do not pose a danger of impalement. Secondly, the feathers are rounded tips. If you loved the classic lawn darts, then the new outdoor dart toss children’s dart will definitively bring back some memories safely and loaded with fun. Check the price on Amazon.

4. Walkie Talkies

Kids Walkie Talkie Set

Apart from a walkie talkie being a great way to keep in touch with your child while camping, there are so many creative games that you can come up with. You could create a walkie talkie version of hiding and go seek, you could pretend that you are on a secret mission, telling a story around the campfire could be done from a bear in the woods (another parent not at the camp fire) to the child. The options are limited only by your imagination and the battery life on the device. Keep in mind that you want to have a walkie talkie that is simple to use. Don’t get anything too complex or you may confuse your child. Additionally, you will need to have some rechargeable batteries if you intend to play for long periods of time. Check the price on Amazon.

5. Make an all-natural bird feeder

pinecone bird feeder

Crafts can be a game for a child. If you are in the woods or in a wooded area, making an all-natural bird feeder is a great way to get your child to bond with you while at the same time doing something which will help the wildlife. To make the bird feeder:

  • Get a pine cone. If no pine cones are in your area (or if they are out of season) use a large stick
  • Tie some organic/biodegradable rope around the pine cone or stick
  • Smother the cone or stick in peanut butter
  • Roll that in bird seed
  • Hang it up and watch the wildlife enjoy it

The great thing about this activity is that it provides two activities. First, you get to create the feeder with your child. Then your child can use their kid’s binoculars to see the squires, birds, etc. which come to feed off of it.

6. I spy…the camp version

Spot It! Gone Camping Card Game

Spot it is a game which is suited for younger audiences. As you cannot have your younger children wandering through the woods, running haphazardly about the campsite, or any other dangerous activities, you will need to get a bit creative. Playing I spy is ok, but after a while, I have found that children tend to get rather repetitive. Using Spot it gives the child specific objects for them to see around the campsite and helps you keep your sanity (for how many times can I spy the same tree or tent?). Check the price on Amazon.

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Camp games for children can be outside of technology, and as a camper and a person who has children, I can testify that when you take away the devices and find engaging activities that the whole family can be a part of, the experience is highlighted as a memory. These are but a few of the things that you can do with your family. Get creative and see where your imagination takes you.