10 Essential Gadgets For Camping With Kids

10 Essential Gadgets For Camping With Kids

When camping with children, it is essential that there is a certain focus on the gear and gadgetry which you will have in your bag for the kids. While the average outdoorsman or woman can occupy his or her time and live without some of the luxuries of life, kids are a bit more hard pressed when it comes to abandoning things they have grown accustomed to. And while these gadgets do not encourage cellphone and tablet hook-ups and usage, they do make camping with your child a bit less strenuous. Here are 10 gear essentials you need to have when camping with kids.

1. Stainless steel serving trays

Stainless Steel Divided Plate Set of 4 Mess Trays

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If you have picky eaters, or if you find that you need to separate your food from touching, then a stainless steel tray is needed on your camping trip. Do not use aluminum trays as they do not do well close to a camp fire. Plates such as the stainless steel divided plate: set of 4 Mess trays are great for camping, kids lunch, and dinners, or everyday use.

2. Tracking Locator

ID Card GPS Tracker Tracking Locator For kids ChildCheck The Latest Price

Camping in the woods has its benefits, but it also has its drawbacks, primarily the ability to get lost. Every day approximately 2,000 children disappear (either by being lost or abducted), according to recent ABC news. Keeping track of your child can be increased with an Inkach ID card GPS Tracker Tracking Locater Device Finder Hidden Attendance Chip for kids Child. Keep the card on the necklace, or remove the badge and attach it to a belt loop or camping gear. Want something a bit more inconspicuous? Try FindX

3. Portable Camping Shower

Portable camping shower Solar Shower Bag

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Let’s face it, kids are messy. And who wants to spend their entire camping experience trudging back and forth from the shower station to clean them? That is if there is even a station around. Having portable camping shower gear like the Solar shower bag is a great way to eliminate that need. The portable shower connects to the most surface, is solar warmed and operated, and has enough pressure to clean your kids, wash the car, spray those dishes down, or whatever other waters need you may have.

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4. Marshmallow roasting sticks

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

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Sitting around the campfire just seems to go better with some smores, roasted hot dogs, or mallows. While you could go and get a stick from a nearby tree, this raises an issue. First, if there is poison ivy on the tree, you have an issue. Second, you have to find the right branch. Last, the tip is sharpened to a dangerous point for children. However, having Mallow Me, allows for you to have an expanding roster, brightly colored, and suitable for all ages. Once done, put the roasters in an easy to the tote bag and you are good to go.

5. LED bracelet

GlowPRO LED Slap Bracelets the Best Child Safety Gift

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The GlowPRO Led bracelet is one of those gadgets which needs to be in every camp pack. Instead of having to deal with a lantern and fumbling around in the dark, a child can wear the wristband and easily find their way. It works well as both a nightlight and flashlight for your child, as well as a locator of the child for the parent at night.

6. Baby Dome

Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome

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If you go camping with a baby, the odds are that you will be spending most of your time ensuring that there are no bugs around him or her, that the sun is not too bright, and that he or she does not crawl off. The Fisher-Price On-The-Go-Baby Dome helps to minimize some of these frustrations by having an easy to set up mesh dome enclosure for your baby. While you will still have to keep your eyes and ears on your bundle of joy, you will not have to stress about the bugs and the sun.

7. Storage Chair

Kids Folding Camping Chair

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Kids tend to have an abundance of toys and gear which they wish to take with them. The Flash furniture kids folding camping chair with insulated storage gives your child the needed room for their books and toys as well as a place in which to enjoy it. The chairs come in 8 different colors to cater to your young man or a little lady.

Moreover, While spending time outdoors with your children will create memories, you do not want one of those memories to be dehydration or a sunburn. After applying SPF lotion, put up a Coleman Point Loma all day dome shelter to allow your young ones to take rests throughout the day. This is also good, should you need to put your kids down for a nap.

8. Explorer tools

Carson X-Scope Child's Microscope-Telescope-Magnifier

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One of the reasons that you go camping is to explore and see the outdoors. Giving your child a microscope or telescope catered to kids like the Carson x-scope child’s microscope-telescope-magnifier multi-tool is one way in which you can encourage your kid to look at the world around him or her.

9. Portable Cot

Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed

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Toddlers and smaller children may be adverse to the thought of sleeping on the ground. This could cause a bit of a rough night if you do not have an alternative sleeping solution. A portable cot provides the younger child with the comfort of a bed while at the same time elevating them from the ground. As the Regalo My cot portable toddler bed collapses, it is easy for toting and storage when not in use.

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10. Emergency First Aid kit

Medical Supply Survival Gear Bag for Outdoor Camping Hiking

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Every camping trip should include a first aid kit. As children tend to get bumps, scrapes, and itches, it is recommended that you find a kit which has plenty of bandages and anti-itch cream. For children who may have allergies, Benadryl or the equivalent should be added to your first aid pack.


Camping gear is essential for any trip. What you pack really depends upon the location and the amenities that are available. You should always have ample supplies of water, food, and first aid. Keep in mind that if you use electronic gadgets that these will need a power source. Remote locations may hinder such. It is best to use solar power when you can to avoid such a problem. Above all, use the gadgets to enhance your experience, and have fun as a family.